Little Blue Box

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of my all time favorite movies.  I think all of us have felt like Holly Golightly at some point in our lives…confident on the outside but scared and confused on the inside trying to make it in the big city.  I love how she goes to Tiffany’s to find comfort in a chaotic world.  As a little girl, I thought of Tiffany’s as this magical fantasy place.  I didn’t even think you could buy the jewelry but that they were just show pieces.  I think every girl wishes to see a little Tiffany blue box with a pretty white ribbon one day.  I love their campaigns especially over the last 2 years.  They evoke this feeling of love and magic that only Tiffany’s can pull off.  I love that the campaigns feature famous New York monuments and places.  Here are some of my favorites…

 {In Central Park}

 {At the New York Public Library}

 {Seriously?? Does this really happen?}

 {In Brooklyn}

{Doesn’t this remind of you Sex and the City when Carrie is on the BK Bridge?}

 {So romantical}