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In a Good Mood

Ever since watching Project Runway, I’ve been wanting to go to Mood.  With a Living Social deal on hand, I was on a mission to find fabric for a tablecloth that I am going to use for a holiday party.  I was overwhelmed by the selection.  They had every kind of fabric you could imagine.  I’m not an indecisive person but I was in Mood for almost 2 hours wandering aimlessly.  I think I had a lost puppy look on my face because every 10 minutes, a staff member would ask me if I needed help (they are very friendly).  The fabric that I really wanted was a silvery brocade that was $50 a yard-yikes!!  I could’ve bought a tablecloth at Crate and Barrel for that price!  The one I ended up buying looks like there are ornaments on it (picture below).  My inner Tim Gunn said, “Make it work!”

 {How cute are these chains?}

{Wall to wall fabrics}

{On the hunt for whites & silvers}

{So many choices!!}

{I loved these upholstery fabrics}

{Final choice}


Mood Fabrics

225 W 37th Street between 7th & 8th Ave.