Haven’s Kitchen

havenskitchen1I have never loved a place so much as I love Haven’s Kitchen.  When I met Lior Lev Sercarz (read here), he told me at the time that Haven’s Kitchen was his new favorite place and that I had to go and check it out.  This summer, I decided to check it out for the first time.  It was like someone asked me what all my favorite things were (e.g. chalk boards, apothecary and mason jars, cooking classes, organic and locally sourced foods, and farm-to-table aesthetics) and came up with Haven’s Kitchen.

Through out the summer, I would frequent the retail store which is located on the 1st floor.  I would order a chai tea latte and browse all the products they had in stock.  At Haven’s Kitchen, you can take a cooking class, have a private party or host an event or just pop in for a coffee.  I just really loved the vibe of the place.  I also felt the same way about the founder, Alison Schneider who was so warm and enthusiastic about building a “haven” where people can learn about local and sustainable food and how to cook it.

Haven’s Kitchen is in a picturesque old carriage house 2 blocks from the Union Square greenmarket.  I was there recently to photograph the space to show you how gorgeous it is.  I absolutely love the decor and the ambiance of the place.  Rachel, who is the merchandiser for the retail store (she has impeccable taste), showed me around.  Now, I just need a reason to have an event at Haven’s Kitchen.  You have to try their granola which is homemade and to die for.  It truly is a haven.

havenskitchen2{3rd floor event space perfect for a small wedding or a cocktail party}

havenskitchen3{2nd floor seating area. Gotta love the cowhide rug}

havenskitchen4{The other side of the 2nd floor sitting room}

havenskitchen5{2nd floor bar}

havenskitchen6{Haven’s Kitchen crew hard at work}

havenskitchen7{I loved the wishbone}

havenskitchen8{Haven’s Kitchen}

havenskitchen9{Upcoming classes posted on chalkboard…my type of place}

havenskitchen10{Locally sourced goodies}

havenskitchen11{I loved all the apothecary ja

havenskitchen12havenskitchen13havenskitchen14{I loved all these inspirational signs}