Frieze New York

frieze1I’m so fortunate to have girlfriends who love and appreciate art as much as I do.  Yesterday, on the first real hot day of the Spring, I went to the Frieze New York art fair on Randall’s Island with my girlfriends and their sons.  While I was waiting on line for the ferry to Randall’s Island, I learned a couple of things about the Frieze art fair like it’s in its 3rd year; it exhibits art from around the world; some people are in it just for the ferry ride; and there are some really great pop-up restaurants.  I have to be honest, some of the art I didn’t really understand but none-the-less, looking at art is always inspiring.  These were some of my favorite moments and art from the day.

frieze2 The ferry ride

frieze3 The view from Randall’s Island

frieze4 Neon signs

frieze5 Mama hard at work

frieze6 This one looked like a cool necklace

frieze7 This was one of my favorites

frieze8 Another mama hard at work

frieze9 Open Ended