Fall For the City

fallforthecity1My girlfriend pointed out to me recently that I’m in love with the Fall in the City right now and it couldn’t be more true (follow me on instagram to see).  Yesterday I just had to take a walk through Central Park because right now the leaves are at their peak.  I entered on 60th and 5th and walked towards the pond and I saw fiery reds, yellows, deep purples and everything in between.  I was definitely channeling Bob Ross because all I could say to myself was “happy trees.”  Fall is probably my favorite season in the city because it’s just such a romantic time.  It gets cooler so you have to bundle up a little, grab a latte with friends, and have snuggle time.  The multi-colored trees are such a beautiful sight to see especially in Central Park.  I’m probably obsessed because we live in a concrete jungle and I do crave a bit of nature in my life.  Take a moment out of your day to take a little break and enjoy what’s around you.