Chelsea Flower District

chelseaflowerdistrict1A couple of Saturdays ago, I was wandering around Chelsea while I waited for a friend and I decided that I needed some inspiration.  I remembered that the Chelsea Flower District, which has not whittled down to just one street on West 28th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues), was close by.  The first thing you notice when you walk down the street is that in the midst of a concrete jungle, there is a lush jungle of tall potted trees, plants, and flowers.  The scene is a beautiful juxtaposition.

At 8 am, it was action-packed with everyone buzzing, oohing and aahing over the beautiful blooms on display.  I couldn’t help but smile at all the beautiful flowers everywhere.  If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that flowers make me ridiculously happy and are the inspiration for many of my creative projects.  Peonies, which happen to be my favorite flowers were in peak bloom so seeing them in large bushels everywhere was such a treat.

While I was taking photos, some of the shop owners gave me advice on how to navigate through the flower district:  1) it’s always good to go as early as possible. Most shops open at 5 am and close at 10 am. When I went at 8 am, there were still great flowers available 2) bring cash because most places don’t take credit cards 3) ask questions about looking for freshness, floral care, and the different types of blooms.  If you want the freshest and most beautiful flowers at wholesale prices, take a trip to the Chelsea flower district or just go for a little inspiration.

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