Bushwick Brooklyn

The first time I went to Bushwick, it was 1:00 AM and I went to one of those warehouse raves.  Let me explain….my girlfriends and I got invited to one of those warehouse raves in Bushwick; you know like in that GIRLS episode?  Normally, I would not even entertain such an idea because a) I’m old and I go to bed at 11:00 PM b) taking an Uber to Bushwick at 1:00 AM requires a lot of effort and c) my idea of a good time is not at a rave with glowy sticks.  It was my birthday so I figured why not?  The rave was really REALLy fun by the way and nothing like I expected.  So, my first impression of Bushwick is not entirely accurate.  The only thing I could see from the Uber ride were abandoned warehouses which when I went last Saturday wasn’t entirely inaccurate but I learned that there was so much more.

My co-worker/friend, who lives in Bushwick, is always gushing about how awesome it is to live there and how it’s so much cooler than Williamsburg.  I wanted to see this Bushwick she kept mentioning and who better to take me around than a local?  We took our other co-worker/friend along with us since she had never been to Bushwick either.  It was Bushwick or bust!  We took the L train to the Jefferson stop because we were meeting our guide at Heavy Woods for a drink.  The subway ride from the West Village was only 20 minutes; proof that Bushwick is not THAT far.  When we walked up the subway stairs, my first impression was yea, this is what Williamsburg looked like 10 years ago before it became what it is today but with a lot more graffiti.  By the way, the graffiti is all over the place.  I love graffiti and I couldn’t stop looking at all of them.

What I love about Bushwick besides grown men wearing jorts (jean shorts), is that everywhere you go, it’s a place that offers so much like live music, awesome food, outdoor space, games, and awesome people.  The best part is that these places have virtually no crowds and are super affordable.  I only spent $40 all day for food and drinks.  The problem is choosing a place to stay for a while.  We even made a stop at the famous Roberta’s for pizza.  Roberta’s is probably why people come to Bushwick and I can see why, the pizza is so freaking good.  It’s so good in fact, I ate almost an entire pie by myself.  Their signature pizza is called the bee sting which has tomato, mozzarella, sopressata, chili and honey.  It sounds really weird but it’s the best pizza I’ve ever had.  We ended the night listening to live music, BBQ, and drinking beers at The Shop.  That’s my kind of Saturday night!  This tour of Bushwick definitely opened up my eyes; the neighborhood offers everything I love foodie spots, fun bars with live music and outdoor spaces and cool street art.  It’s more than a place for warehouse raves.