Fashion Favorites, NYC

Bauble Bar

Jewelry and champagne?  I’m in!  My favorite online jewelry retailer, the Bauble Bar has their first brick and mortar store in the Garment District.  If you didn’t know already, Bauble Bar sells on-trend jewelry at affordable price points.  My sister and I went to the Bauble Bar recently to buy some jewels for holiday gifts but we both walked out with gifts for ourselves.  Doesn’t that always happen?  When we walked into the store, Ashley offered us a glass of champagne while we shopped.  I loved the set up because you can touch and try on all the jewels which online shopping doesn’t allow you to do.  It was so hard not to buy everything since all the jewelry was affordable.  The best part of the whole experience was when you buy jewelry less than $50, you get to turn the gum ball machine and get a free piece of jewelry.  I got a really cool bracelet.  I was like a giddy school girl.  I had such a blast at the Bauble Bar and I’m definitely planning to go back for those holiday gifts.