No Carve Pumpkins

nocarvepumpkin1I have a confession to make.  My enthusiasm for Halloween was at an all time low this year.  Halloween for the last two years was a bust.  Last year, we had hurricane Sandy and the year before there was a huge snow storm.  Our Halloween festivities were canceled after much effort and planning.  My boyfriend reminded me that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and not being in the spirit is just wrong.  So because I’m a little late in getting a pumpkin, I wanted to decorate the pumpkins I bought without carving them.  I decided to try something different this year and make them glam.  I think they turned out really well considering it didn’t take that much time or effort.  I’m officially in the Halloween spirit which is only 10 days away!

nocarvepumpkin21. Using a damp paper towel, I wiped the dirt of the pumpkins.

nocarvepumpkin32. I spray painted the pumpkins outside. I used white, black and silver spray paint. When the pumpkins were dry, I began work on glamming them up. For the white pumpkin, I sponge painted gold circles using Martha Stewart metallic paint with a small sponge brush (pictured above). For the black pumpkin, I glued on white rhinestones with gorilla glue. For the silver pumpkin, I sprinkled glitter on top of the pumpkin while the silver spray paint was still wet

nocarvepumpkin43. The pumpkins are on display by the window.