Knit & Purl

Knitting is #5 on my resolutions list.  When my friends Annie and Lisa show me their fancy knitted hats and scarves, I’m so jealous.  I’m always asking them, “How did you do that?!?!”  They have both tried to teach me (thanks ladies) but I’m so impatient with it that I give up.  This year, I’m determined to knit something.  For some inspiration, I accompanied Lisa to Purl in Soho.  They have every kind of yarn in every color.  I couldn’t believe some of the knitted things I saw in there.  They definitely put my efforts to shame.  They offer classes which I’m thinking about taking because if it kills me, I will knit something this year!

{Look at all the possibilities}

{I love the wool used for these}

 {One day…}


Purl Soho

459 Broome Street, between Mercer & Greene