Hot Cocoa in Jars

My good friend Carla asked me to make a creative holiday gift for her coworkers.  She wanted it to be something that was inexpensive but original and something that they would use.  It’s hard to find a gift for coworkers who range in age and like different things.  I immediately thought of hot cocoa in jars with marshmallows and a little shot of kahlua.  It would be the “perfect mix” for her coworkers.  It was very easy to make and I bought almost everything online.  I bought 10 25 fluid ounce jars from the Container Store.  The hot cocoa mix and marshmallows I bought in bulk from Amazon but you can also buy them at Costco or BJ’s.  I bought the red baker’s twine at the craft store but they also sell them at a baking store.  First, I put about 2 – 2 1/2 cups of hot cocoa mix in each jar, then the marshmallows.  I wrapped the top of the jar with the baker’s twine.  Then I  attached the little bottle of kahlua on the front closure also with baker’s twine.  I bought the labels at Paper Source on the Upper West Side.  Don’t the hot cocoa jars scream comfort and joy?