Grocery Store Flowers

grocerystoreflowers1I love grocery store flowers because they’re cheap, convenient, and when I realize that I need flowers and the florist is closed, the grocery store is my go-to.  When I need to buy flowers, I always buy grocery store flowers and make them fancier by arranging them my own way.  It’s so easy to make grocery store flowers look beautiful it just takes a little bit of re-arrangement and the right packaging.  Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to say I love you to your mom than with a bouquet of flowers?  Luckily for you, the flowers will be affordable and beautiful.

grocerystoreflowers2At my local deli picking out the perfect flowers for the bouquet. I like to either pick 2 different flowers with differing colors or go monochromatic.

grocerystoreflowers3I like to keep the budget under $20. The roses were $7 and the lilacs $10. You will need tissue paper, garden scissors, and straw.

grocerystoreflowers4Prepare the flowers. I like to trim the leaves and the ends.

grocerystoreflowers5One by one, I put the bouquet together. Once I put it all together, I put a rubber band around the bouquet.

grocerystoreflowers6Put the bouquet at the corner of the tissue paper. Fold the left part of the tissue paper towards the right.

grocerystoreflowers7Fold the right piece of the tissue paper towards the left.


grocerystoreflowers9Tuck all the tissue paper under the bouquet.

grocerystoreflowers10Tie the bouquet with the straw.

grocerystoreflowers11Pretty bouquet for mom and under $20!