Easy Rustic Table Setting

I wanted to create an easy rustic table setting for my Southern themed party.  It was a buffet style dinner so the table setting was solely decorative.  The food was going to go on the table later on when the guests arrived.  My new favorite things in life are mason jars and burlap.  They can transform an ordinary table setting into a rustic one.  Here’s the step-by-step guide.

1. I used this green tablecloth I had from Crate and Barrel. I thought the green made the otherwise white room pop.

2. I added a burlap table runner onto the top half of the table so that the food could be placed on the lower half. I bought the burlap table runner for $10 at Etsy.

3. I made the floral arrangements at home. I bought the flowers at the farmer’s market for $20. I like using sunflowers with yarrow and wild pink flowers because it looks like summer. I bought the raffia from Lee’s art shop.  You can find the mason jars at any craft store, I bought mine at Fish’s Eddy.

4. I wrapped each mason jar with raffia.

5. Those floral arrangement classes are coming in handy! First, I arranged the wild flowers since they will be the base. I measured each stem against the mason jar to see where I should cut them. I did the same with the sunflowers but I cut them a little taller than the wildflowers. I placed the sunflowers in between the wild flowers so that the arrangement was even.

6. Ready for the food, ready for the party!