Easy Holiday Napkins

pinenapkins1When I think of Christmas, I think of a cozy house, a roaring fire, snow covered evergreen trees, twinkling lights, and warm sweaters.  The thought just makes me giddy inside and I can’t help but be happy.  I wanted to create a beautiful table setting for Christmas dinner but one that’s not overly fancy and stuffy.  I’ve been really loving the rustic table setting and I got inspired by those evergreen trees.  I already had farmhouse stripe placemats and natural linen napkins.  I added a little evergreen branch and a bell on the napkins to add a festive but simple touch.  I’m so excited for Christmas dinner and to spend time with my family because that’s what Christmas is all about…it’s about appreciating the people you have in your life.

pinenapkins2You will need:

  • Cloth napkins
  • Evergreen branches (I bought mine at a florist)
  • Bells
  • Twine


  1. Cut a little piece of the evergreen branch off and measure it against the napkin to see if it fits well.
  2. Cut a piece of twine that will go around the napkin.
  3. Attach the bell through the twine and wrap it around the evergreen and the napkin.