DIY Tassel Garland

I’m hosting a couple of holiday parties in the upcoming weeks and I wanted to decorate my apartment in a fun and festive way.  I decided to make one of those tassel garlands that I’ve been seeing a lot on Etsy.  I thought it looked easy enough to make on my own and also cheaper since I only had to buy the tissue paper and cord.  The tissue paper cost about $12 at Paper Presentation and the cord was $3 for 3 yards of cord which was more than enough.  I really want to keep up the tassel garland all year long!

You will need: Tissue paper, scissors, glue gun, and at least 2 yards of cord.  1 sheet of tissue paper produced 4 tassels so you don’t need a lot of tissue paper.

Make sure you’re not cutting the fold side.

Don’t forget to cut the other paper in half.  You should have 4 separate sheets of paper.