DIY Polka Dot Pillows

diypillows1I originally had these pillows for a different project that didn’t work out so they have been sitting in my closet for the last 2 years.  Then all of a sudden the other day, a light bulb in my head went on and I thought of sponge painting gold polka dots to match the art work that is above the bed.  I bought both the pillow inserts and pillow shams at Target.  I used Martha Stewart’s acrylic metallic paint in rose gold and spouncers which are circular sponges on a stick.  To prep the pillow cases, I washed them first and ironed them to remove the wrinkles.  Before I started painting, I put brown paper bags, which were Whole Foods grocery bags, underneath the pillow cases so the paint wouldn’t bleed through.  Finally, I dipped the spouncer into the paint and started making dots.  I didn’t pre-plan the dots, I just went for it but I did make sure they were evenly distributed.  I don’t want to have THAT kind of bed where there are a million pillows just for decoration so I think I’ll stop here.