DIY: Macrame Bracelet

My girlfriend Annie and I are obsessed with this site called HonestlyWTF.  We love the DIY section.  The ladies behind Honestly WTF have tutorials on accessories that you would actually wear!  I love the photos on the site, they are gorgeous.  Annie started making these macrame bracelets that are found on their site.  I asked Annie to teach me how to make the macrame bracelets so that I can make them myself and give them to friends.  It’s shocking how easy these bracelets are to make and so fun to wear!

You will need:

Cut the knotting cord, you will need 2-30 inch, 2-25 inch, and 1-15 inch. Fold the 25 inch in half and bring the ends through the connector charm. Take the loop part of the knotting cord and pull over the ends. Pull the rest of the cord through the loop. Repeat on the other side. This will be your anchors to the connector charm.

It should look like this. Tape it to the table so the bracelet is secure while you make the knots.

Take the 30 inch knotting cord and center it under the 2 middle cords. I started with the left cord first. Take the left cord and go over the 2 middle cords. The right cord goes over the left cord creating a figure 4. Take the right cord and pull under the 2 middle cords and through the loop.

Pull the strands tight and push the knot up to the top.

To finish the other side of the knot, take the right side cord over the 2 middle cords. The left side cord goes over the right cord (making a backwards figure 4), under the 2 middle cords, and through the loop. Pull tight.

You should measure the bracelet around your wrist to see where you should stop. Once you’ve finished on one side, continue on the other side.

To finish the knots, place the bracelet on it’s backside. Thread the embroidery needle and sew 3 – 4 knots pulling the needle through the tight knots. Make sure you do both cords.

It should look like this. Then cut the ends and burn them with a lighter so that they are even more secure. Continue this process to the other side.

It should look like this.

To create a sliding closure, shape the bracelet into a circle and overlap the ends. Using the scrap cords, temporarily tie the cords at the ends. Using the 15 inch cord, center it under the strands. You’re going to start the knot exactly the same way you did before.

Create 4 – 5 knots and finish the ends the same way you did before. Undo the temporary ties. The two sets of middle cords become the adjustable ties of the bracelet. Adjust it to fit your wrist and trim the ends. I would also burn the ends with a lighter.

Insert the 2 strands into a crimp bead. Before you make a knot, make sure you measure the bracelet around your wrist to ensure you have enough slack to tighten and loosen the bracelet. Trim the ends and burn with the lighter. Repeat on other 2 strands.

Finished! Ready to be worn!


(If you’re interested in buying a bracelet from Annie email me at for details)