DIY: Housewarming Gift

My sister Sarah is having a housewarming party for her new place and instead of buying a gift, I decided to make one.  My favorite gifts to make are food-related.  I made her a homemade rosemary infused olive oil and bought her crusty bread from Amy’s Bread.  I bought the glass bottle from Home Goods for $3.  It’s so easy and affordable to make and it’s tasty.  The whole thing cost me $14.  I spent the most on the olive oil because you should use a high quality one since it’s the main ingredient.  I already had the labels, ribbons, and tags.  Here’s to a tasty gift!

 {Make label for the bottle}

 {Made by Miss Buttercup label}

 {Fill bottle with rosemary sprigs}

 {Pour olive oil into the bottle}

 {Looks like this}

 {Wrap ribbon around bottle and make tags}

 {Finished product}