DIY Holiday Cones

I made these holiday cones to decorate the windowsill.  I bought 3 styrofoam cones of varying sizes from Michael’s, spray painted them silver, and decorated each one differently.  For the tallest cone, I put glue on the whole cone and sprinkled it with glitter.  For the medium cone, I hot glued these glittery feathers I found at Michael’s ($.69 each).  At first, I wanted the feathers to stay down but I liked the way they feathered out for texture.  For the smallest cone, I hot glued rhinestones one by one.  It was a long process but I think it’s the most dramatic one.  I like the way they came out so I’m thinking about making more.  This little elf is hard at work!

{Arts & crafts time!}

{Silver spray paint drying off}

{Holiday cones during the day}