DIY Heart Elbows

heartelbow1I was browsing Pinterest when I saw this brilliant DIY by Honestly WTF.  I LOVE their DIYs especially because they are always easy.  I had this striped shirt that needed an update so I thought putting heart shaped elbow patches on them would spruce them up!  I loved the needle felting technique.  Stabbing a needle up and down was an incredible stress relief.  Thanks Mary for the extra wool!

heartelbow2You will need:

heartelbow3With the shirt on, place a piece of tape about half an inch below the elbow. Repeat on the other elbow.

heartelbow4Slip the styrofoam block into the sleeve.

heartelbow5Place the heart cookie cutter with the bottom of the heart to the top of the tape. Make sure the cookie cutter is centered.

heartelbow6Grabbing a piece of wool, stuff the wool into the heart cookie cutter. I wanted my hearts to really standout so I used a bit more wool. Make sure the wool is evenly distributed.

heartelbow7Hold the felting needle vertically and start to repeatedly stab the wool into the cotton shirt. Make sure you are stabbing up and down so that the needle doesn’t break.

heartelbow8Continue to stab until all the wool is flat and even. Take the cookie cutter off and fix the edges of the heart. Carefully remove the styrofoam. To set the patch, iron on the wool setting. Repeat with the other elbow.