DIY: Friendship Bracelet

I’ve noticed the come back of the friendship bracelet.  They are everywhere.  I used to make them at summer camp so making them now, brings me back to that time in my life.  That time in my life before cell phones, Facebook, and reality TV.  When life seemed to be so easy and we used to spend hours playing outside.  When all we would do is make  friendship bracelets with our friends.  Surprisingly, I remembered how to make them and now I’m addicted to making them in different color combinations.  I can’t wait to give the bracelets to my friends as a nostalgic reminder of our long time friendships.

You will need embroidery thread, scotch tape and scissors. I bought my embroidery thread from Michael’s for $0.35 each!

I cut each thread 36 inches long. This might be too long but I didn’t want the bracelet to be too short. These are directions for a chevron pattern so you will need double of each color.

Make a knot about 3 inches from the top. Secure the bracelet to the table with tape. Separate the 2 sides of the bracelet making sure both sides match in color order.

Starting with the left side first, grab the first piece of string (pink) and the second (green).

Make a figure 4 with the pink thread going on top of the green thread.

Tuck the pink thread underneath the green one.

Make a knot and push up towards the top. You have to make 2 knots on each piece of thread. Continue with the other pieces of thread moving to the right until you get to the last thread (mine was white).

Repeat the process on the right side. Create an opposite figure four.

Make a knot. Remember to make 2 knots on each thread. Continue with the other pieces of thread moving left until you get to the last thread (mine was white).

When you get to the middle, you should have the 2 pieces of thread that you started with and they should be the same color.

Make a knot with the 2 pieces. Remember to make 2 knots! Starting with the left side again, continue with the next color. You should remember the order of the colors but after the 3rd or 4th row, the pattern will become apparent to you.

 When you’re finished, make a knot at the end. Trim the thread to fit your wrist.