DIY Floral Crown

floralcrown1There’s nothing wrong with injecting some fantasy into your life right?  I’ve been seeing floral crowns on Instagram and Pinterest and was immediately in awe of how beautiful they were.  Floral crowns can turn any ordinary look into a fairy tale.  Because I secretly want to be a flower child, I wanted to make a floral crown myself.  It took me a couple of hours to figure it out but I think I’ve come up with the easiest way to make floral crowns.  The floral crown I made (photo above) was so beautiful, I want to make more for friends for special events.  Make a floral crown and inject a little fantasy into your life.

diy_floralcrown2You will need: Flowers (I chose spray roses, aster solidago, and pink wax flower), floral cloth wire and floral tape both from Michaels, floral and regular scissors.

diy_floralcrown31.  I took 2 cloth wires and measured it around my head. I estimated where the floral crown would sit on my head.

diy_floralcrown42.  Using the floral tape, I wrapped the 2 cloth wires together.

diy_floralcrown53.  First, I trimmed the flowers. Then, I wrapped the first flower onto the crown with the floral tape, constantly pulling the tape taut. I repeated this step around the crown.

diy_floralcrown64.  This is what the crown should look like as you are adding flowers.