DIY: Easter Eggs

I’ve always thought of Easter as a children’s holiday.  I think of Easter bunnies, jelly beans, Easter baskets, Peeps and egg hunts.  For the first time, I’m hosting Easter dinner on Sunday and I wanted to incorporate some traditional “kid” stuff.  I thought I would decorate the table with these glitter eggs.  I dyed the eggs first so that the glitter really popped.  I haven’t dyed eggs since I was a little girl! Decorating the eggs brought out the little kid in me again.

1. After I hard boiled the eggs, I made 3 eggs dyes using McCormick food coloring.

2. I used a whisk to dip the eggs into the dyes.

3. Leave the eggs in the dye for about 5 minutes.

4. I let the eggs dry in the egg carton and set up my glittering station.

5. I brushed on craft glue one side at a time and dusted with glitter.  I waited until it was dry before I repeated on the other side.

6. I really loved the orange ones.  Ready for Sunday!