DIY: Colorful Arm Candy

I saw this DIY in Martha Stewart Weddings and I thought it was so easy and so pretty that I immediately went shopping for the components.  I bought the faux diamond bracelets in the Garment District here in Manhattan.  A lot of the stores say “wholesale only” but I found out that if you go in with cash, they will make an exception.  I couldn’t believe how affordable everything was.  The whole project took only 45 minutes so I was able to wear the yellow bracelet later that afternoon.  I was asked by 3 different women where I got the bracelet.  Little did they know, that I spray painted it myself.  The neon colors are perfect for the summer.

You will need:

{Each bracelet was between $2 – $3 in the Garment District}

{Cover the clasps and closures with the masking tape}

 {You want to spray in a well ventilated area. This was my area}

 {You should read the directions on the can first. This is the yellow bracelet}

 {Pink neon}

 {The gold one}

 {Let them dry for 30 minutes}

 {I wore the yellow one on a recent shopping trip}