DIY Cocktail Bar


  1. Decorate with holiday decor like evergreen branches and trees (see here).
  2. It’s good to have citrus like lemons, limes and oranges so guests can add it to their drinks.
  3. Chill your liquor especially vodka and tequila.
  4. Simple syrup is the perfect thing to make drinks sweet (see here).
  5. Red wine is always a good idea. I like pinot noir or malbec.
  6. These straws add a festive touch.
  7. A shaker is key for guests to make their own cocktails.
  8. I like to add a fruit so that guests can add it to their champagne. I love pomegranate seeds because it adds a tart crunch.
  9. Champagne is a must. It’s the best way to celebrate.
  10. Candles set the mood.

The holiday party season is among us and my favorite way to entertain is to create a cocktail bar so that guests can make their own drinks.  Not everyone wants to drink the same thing.  A cocktail bar is the best way for you to enjoy your party while your guests get to drink what they like.  It’s a win-win.  It just takes a little bit of prep time to set everything up but once your guests arrive, you only need to check-in and replenish a couple of times during the night.  Let’s be honest, who wants to be a bartender all night when you can actually enjoy your party?