Cookies & Champagne

This past weekend was hectic but so magical.  I arrived late Thursday night from Turks and Caicos and started making cookie dough for my Cookies & Champagne party on Friday.  It’s my version of a cookie swap with champagne.  On Saturday, my college roommate got married to her love in Long Island.  I was running on no sleep, sugar-induced high, and pure adrenaline to get me through the weekend.  For the party, I made gingerbread snowflakes, gingerbread boy and girl, and sugar cookies.  What better way to celebrate the holidays than with cookies, champagne, dancing, and a winter wedding?

{Cutting out the snowflakes}

{Ready to bake}

{Decorating station}

{Pipe the royal icing and then flood}

{Or pipe a design}

{Add sugar pearls}

{Ready for the party!}

{I gave to-go boxes to each of my guests}

{Inside the to-go box with everyone’s cookies}

{Polka dot bikini gingerbread girl}