5 Things Laura Loves



Watching the snow fall. By the way that’s the apartment from the show Friends

Enduring the Winter has always been a challenge for me.  I am definitely affected by seasonal depression during the cold months with limited sun light.  During the Winter, I try my best to do things to combat the depression.  Some of the things I do are pretty obvious like staying active, eating hearty but healthy meals, and doing fun indoor and outdoor activities.  This past week, I’ve really been trying to embrace the Winter for all that it offers like watching the snow fall because it is really beautiful; snow activities like snowboarding; and eating comfort food.  Since the groundhog said there’s still 6 weeks of Winter, I guess I have to be more creative and think of more things to do to endure the Winter.  In the meantime, these were the things I’ve been lovin’ this week.  Happy Friday!


Savory oatmeal for cold mornings


Breakfast in bed | Photo Source


Making Valentines Day cards for my loved ones


Knowing that Spring is just around the corner