5 Things Laura Loves

Winter Inspo

I’ve always suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but then again who hasn’t?  I’m one of those New Yorkers who has always hated Winter but I’m really trying to embrace it this year. I’m looking at this time as a great opportunity to stay indoors to refresh, to read, and to plan. None-the-less, being indoors all the time, I sometimes get cabin fever. I’ve had to really look for inspiration during these cold Winter days. I’ll be honest, this past week was a challenge to find inspiration but I did it! These were the 5 things I loved this week.

1. Winter farm tour at Stone Barns

I’ve been to Blue Hill, the famous restaurant, before but I didn’t realize that Stone Barns is a working farm. My friend and I went on the Winter farm tour. The most interesting thing I learned is that during the Winter time, the farm looks bleak but it’s a crucial time for the land to rest. During the growing months, the farmers plant, grow and harvest; repeatedly taking and taking from the land. The soil eventually needs time to regroup and rest, like us! It was such a great reminder that as humans, we also need the Winter to rest and to regroup. We can’t keep asking our bodies and minds to give and give without replenishing our resources. Yup, the farm tour taught me that!

2. The Five Minute Journal

I discovered the Five Minute Journal last June on Instagram. Every morning while I drink my coffee, I write in my Five Minute Journal and it has changed my life so much. The first 3 statements I write are what I’m grateful for. They are very simple but HUGE things. This is what I wrote for today:
1. That I have my vision so that I can see how beautiful this world is.
2. My support system – My family + friends who make life worth living.
3. My health because without that nothing in my life could be possible.

Writing these statements of gratitude prime my mind to see the world with rose-colored glasses because with these 3 things, I have everything in the world.

3. New York City Cafes

When I used to work a full time 9 – 5 job, I always wished that I could just go to a New York City cafe, get a coffee, read the New York Times and stay for a while. I could never do it on the weekends because the cafes would get so packed. I FINALLY got to do it this week. I went to Woops in Williamsburg and made my wish come true. It felt so good. I’m learning to take these kinds of moments for myself. TO SLOW DOWN.

4. The Last Black Unicorn

 Photo Source | Simon and Schuster

I mentioned in last week’s 5 Things that I saw the movie Girl’s Trip and fell in love with Tiffany Haddish. Right after I saw that movie, I bought her book and listened to it in two days on Audible. I can’t imagine reading her book without her voice narrating it! She has an incredible story of how she went from being homeless to now being in movies and being the first black female host of SNL. Her life story is funny and inspiring.

5. Cheryl Strayed Quotes

I read Cheryl Strayed’s book WILD 3 years ago during a very sad time in my life and now her quotes keep me motivated!