5 Things Laura Loves

The Little Things


Weekend brunch at Claudette in the West Village with my sis

What is it about the warmer weather and longer days that just puts everyone in a better mood?  I feel like we are finally being rewarded for that horribly long Winter.  Spring is finally here and I’ve been walking around the city more and spending more time outdoors.  I’ve been taking moments throughout my day to take notice of the little things.  I think a lot of people focus on the big moments in life like graduation, new job, wedding, the birth of a baby, job promotion all of which are huge milestones in life.  I believe that you should focus on the small moments in life because the sum of the small moments is greater than all the big moments combined.  I try my best to make every moment in my day count because I will never get that time back.  That’s why I started 5 things Laura loves, it’s a weekly round-up of the little things in life that made me happy or inspired me.  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and take a moment to notice the little things.


Healthy and delicious dinners from Jack’s Wife Freda


Pink bubbly | Photo source


Sunsets over the Hudson River


Magnolia trees blooming in Union Square