5 Things Laura Loves

Summer Bucket List


Swinging on a rope swing and feeling like a kid again.

At the beginning of every Summer, I make a bucket list of all the things I want to do.  It’s super OCD and cheesy but I end up checking off a lot of the items on my list.  With the Summer being more than half way over (sorry to burst your bubble), I’m feeling the pressure to get it all done.  I know, first world problems.  Some of the things that are staples on the list are obviously beach weekends, rooftop parties in the city, riding bikes, surfing, and catching fireflies.  Summers in the North East are a magical time; it’s short but sweet.  I find that making a list and planning makes it all happen.  What’s on your bucket list for the last 6 weeks of Summer?  You don’t want to be saying to yourself in October why didn’t I do that?  These are some of the things I’ve already done and checked off my list.


Seeing the Alhambra again after 12 years.


Sailing the Hudson and seeing Lady Liberty.


The tasting menu at Le Chateaubriand in Paris.


Finally making it to Grand Banks for drinks.