5 Things Laura Loves

Sites I’m Loving

I get inspiration from other sites and blogs that I read.  Here are some that I’m really lovin’ lately…

1. Pinterest

I am obsessed with Pinterest…I am on it way too much.  It’s a site where you pin photos onto a virtual mood board that you like or give you inspiration for things like your wedding, dream home, or project.  I’m a visual person so this site is where I get most of my ideas for projects, baking, decorating and etc.

2. Sartorialist

I love Scott Schuman’s site for its shots of street fashion.  The photography is absolutely beautiful and I love how he finds beauty in so many different people.

3. Smitten Kitchen

I love Deb’s blog.  She’s a writer, cook and photographer making beautiful food in her tiny New York kitchen.  Her blog is proof that you don’t need a fancy schmancy kitchen to cook beautiful food and photography it.  When I read her posts, I feel like she’s talking to me as if we’ve been friends for a long time.

4. Cannelle et Vanille

Aran’s blog is about food, life and photography (we have this in common) and her photos take my breath away.  She’s into table top styling, which I am trying to improve on in my own blog.

5. Mama is Haute

If only every mama looked this haute.  You won’t see this mama in mom jeans…My friend Grace Sun who is a wife, mother, designer, and now blogger makes motherhood look effortlessly chic while she jet sets around the world, attends New York fashion weeks, and designs; also being supermom.  Her style makes me want to try harder in the fashion department and seeing how she handles domesticated life while looking so chic, gives me hope when I am a mother one day.

6.  Young House Love

I love this cute young couple (and baby) who tackle on DIY projects in their home.  I love DIY projects and home decorating so this blog gives me ideas and inspirations for my apartment and maybe that one day in the future when I own a home.

7. 36 Hours

36 Hours, a column in the New York Times, is a destination guide in 36 hours (over the course of a weekend).  When I research for travel, this is the first site I go to.  I used the 36 Hours: Buenos Aires guide and was very happy with my trip (read here).  I also just read it to figure out where I want to travel next.