5 Things Laura Loves

It’s Been Too Long


Golden hour view of Downtown Manhattan

Hi friends!  I took an unexpected hiatus from writing and taking photos.  After the Summer ended, it seemed like I couldn’t get a handle on any sort of work/life balance.  I have a full time job, relationships to tend to, and just everyday life stuff.  My friend pointed out to me recently that he thought it was weird that I haven’t been taking photos and baking.  He said that I had to go back to all of my passions because without them who are we?  I couldn’t agree more.  Sometimes, it takes a friend to call you out.  For the last few months, I wasn’t doing the things that I really loved and I sort of lost myself.  My goal for the rest of the year is to really make balance a priority.  These were the things that I’ve been loving the last couple of months on hiatus.


Montauk and my Summer tan


Waiting for Dave Matthews Band to go on at the Gorge Amphitheater


My favorite poke bowl from Wisefish Poke


The amazing Oculus at the World Trade Center