5 Things Laura Loves

It’s Back!

5 Things Laura Loves is BACK! I created 5 things waaaay back when I started this blog to take notice of the little things in life that I loved and made me happy. It was 5 things because I made a point of shouting out one thing for each day of the week and I would publish my round up every Friday. I don’t  remember at what point I stopped doing it. Probably somewhere between my full-time job and life getting in the way. Alas, as a lover of lists, I’m bringing it back. I encourage you to pay attention to the little things in life that you love and that make you happy. They can be the littlest things like your husband left you a cute post-it note, your friend sent you a funny meme, a cute puppy, an amazing cookie. My philosophy on focusing on the little things is that the sum of them are greater than the big moments in your life; therefore, attributing to overall happiness. You get the idea! So here we go, the first 5 things Laura Loves of 2018:


Photo Source MNDFL

I took my first guided meditation class last week at MNDFL in Williamsburg. I started meditating Last Summer because my mind was all over the place after I quit my job and I needed help. I heard about all the benefits of meditation and I was willing to try anything at that point to make myself feel better. I started out with Headspace (the app) and moved onto other guided meditations on Spotify. What attracted me to MNDFL, to be honest, was the beautiful and calming space. I was a little intimidated because I had never sat in silence with strangers before and for a whole 30 minutes! The longest I had ever meditated was for 10 minutes. Well, clearly I had no issues because the minute Lodro (Co-Founder) started speaking, I went into this calm meditative state and the 30 minutes flew by. I felt so relaxed I thought I was going to fall asleep. I highly recommend meditation to everyone. It’s truly transformed my life and has brought a deeper calm that I never knew could exist.

2. BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert

I have to be honest, I didn’t read this book; I listened to it on Audible. Can I just say that I freaking love technology? I literally have 5 books that I read at one time so when there’s a book I want to “read” quickly, I listen to the audiobook. Big Magic is from Elizabeth Gilbert, the author who penned Eat Pray Love. I feel like she writes books for exactly the time in life that I need it. I read Eat Pray Love during a breakup and although I didn’t go off to India to find myself, the book was very helpful in the healing process. Big Magic was just the book I needed during this transition time of my life. I’m a creative person who has suppressed her creativity for too long! Going on a creative path is so scary and I love this book because it felt like a big pep talk. You have to read this if you’re a creative person or not!


Photo Source Girl Boss

I started listening to Sophia Amoruso’s girlboss podcast since 2016. I would listen to her interviews with inspiring women through my headset at work. Her podcasts fed me and gave me hope that there was another definition of success for women who wanted to chart their own careers. Just knowing that there were women out there who are living their dream lives was enough evidence for me to get the courage to quit my job. I LOVE Sophia’s humor and admire her own story. I’ve read her book Girlboss which is a recommended read as well. Now, I sound like a stalker but seriously, if you’re a girl boss; an aspiring entrepreneur, listen to her podcast for major inspo!


Photo Source Amazon

I absolutely fell in love with The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, a show created by Amy Sherman-Palladino created Gilmore Girls. Without giving too much away, it’s about a 1950’s housewife, played by Rachel Brosnahan, who is trying to make it as a comedian. There are obvious obstacles as she tries to navigate a male-dominated industry. It’s funny, witty and very appropriate for the times. I confess that I binge-watched it in 2 days.


Photo Source Girls Trip

I was with my family over the holidays for my grandma’s funeral (I know, so sad). We rented an old school DVD to cheer us up and it happened to be Girl’s Trip. This movie is the FUNNIEST movie I have ever seen, period. My cousins and I could not stop laughing. The breakout star in this movie was obviously Tiffany Haddish who I am now obsessed with. I “read” her book and discovered that she has an inspiring story. Her book might make it to next week’s favorite thing. If you want a good laugh and to see an epic dance off, you have to watch this movie!