5 Things Laura Loves

Hello Spring

This week really felt like Spring was finally here to stay. The cherry blossom and magnolia trees started blooming, the parks and streets had visibly more people, and the air felt warm. I’ve been home for a month now and I’ve been enjoying this time in between my travels. It’s so nice to have a workout routine, eat clean and spend time with friends and family. The reason I started 5 things Laura loves is to appreciate the little things in life. I choose to focus on at least one thing a day that brightens it up. These were the 5 things I loved this week.

My sister and I walked from the East Village to South Street Seaport. It was so nice outside and it’s a part of the city that both of us are unfamiliar with. It was a glorious day on the East River overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge.

The cherry blossom trees in New York City only last for a week or two. They make Central Park look like a pink dreamland.

I’m a backpack girl because when I travel or run errands around town, I want to be able to carry a lot of stuff and be hands-free. I love this backpack from Uashmama. It’s handmade in Italy and made of paper! Additional colors are available!

Sezane‘s storefront has been instagrammed so many times and I see why it’s bursting with Spring vibes. I also LOVE all the clothes at Sezane.

I recently took a free yoga class at Humming Puppy and I LOVED the decor. It was my dream apartment.