5 Things Laura Loves

5 Things Laura Loves

{Chocolate cupcakes with nutella frosting}

Not surprisingly, all my favorite things this week are food related.  I finally got my mom to teach me how to make Korean BBQ (post to come next week).  When my mom cooks, she looks like she’s just tossing in ingredients.  Because she never measures out the ingredients, getting her to teach me the step-by-step process was a challenge.  None-the-less, it was a really fun and memorable experience.  I made the Korean BBQ for a little party I had at my apartment last night.  It was a celebration of birthdays, babies being born, and friends in town.  I felt like I was preparing for this BBQ all week so when my friends finally showed up, I couldn’t wait to have drinks and have a good time.  This weekend is memorial day weekend and I’m looking forward to sleeping in a little, hanging out with girlfriends, and being spontaneous because now I’m hooked!

{Caprese salad on the balcony}

{Strawberry and mint water for the BBQ}

 {Mini ladybug cupcakes}

 {My mom teaching me how to make Kalbi}