5 Things Laura Loves

5 Things Laura Loves

corntomatoes1 {Roasted corn and heirloom tomato salad via this post}

Today’s August 1st and the Summer is nearing its end.  What better way to celebrate the weekend than fitting in your favorite Summer activities?  This is the time of year when I become sleep deprived because all I want to do is be outside, have long dinners, drinks with friends, and take weekend trips.  This week I needed to calm down and recuperate from the last couple of weeks…so I only drank rosé two nights this week (don’t judge).  I worked out, went to bed early, drank green juices and I have to say that this is the first time in a while where I feel awesome!  Well, I can always detox my life in the Fall.  These were the things I’ve been lovin’ this week.  Have a great weekend everyone!

5things2{Sailing towards Lady Liberty}

5things3{Epic sunsets on the Hudson River}

5things4{Major hair flipping}

5things5{Picnics on the beach | Photo found on Pinterest}