5 Things Laura Loves

5 Things Laura Loves

5things1{Strolls on the beach}

I love the promise of Spring.  When you see the buds finally sprouting out of the ground, the birds chirping in the morning and dewy mornings that lead into warm afternoons.  Spring is such a magical time in the city.  Everything starts to bloom and people start dining outside at sidewalk cafes.  It’s like the warm air brings life into the city.  It’s Easter weekend and for some of us, it has a religious significance while for others it just means egg hunting and peeps.  Whatever it might mean to you, it means that we should really appreciate right now because before you know it, Summer is here.  My girlfriend just mentioned to me recently that if you live in the past, you always regret.  If you live in the future you are always worried.  You have to live in the present to be happy.  For better or for worse, I always live for the future.  I’m always waiting for the next big thing.  The next big trip, the next long weekend, the next girls night and I never really savor the moment.  What is up with that?  My goal for this month is to live in the moment and most importantly, not to be looking to the future in order to be happy.  Because I’ve noticed in the past that once you get to the place where you thought you would be happy, you’re not actually happier.  Once you get there, you’re just onto the next big thing.  So let’s all try to live in the moment and be happy now shall we?  After all, you never know what tomorrow has in store for us.  These were the things I was lovin’ this week.  Happy Friday everyone!

5things2{Pastel Macarons | Photo: Style Me Pretty}

5things3 {Magnolias}

5things4{DIY glittery Easter eggs}

5things5{Drinks with girlfriends at ABC Kitchen-One of my favorite spots}