5 Things Laura Loves

5 Things Laura Loves


It’s amazing what a little bit of warmer weather can do to a person’s spirit.  Everyone seems to be walking with a lighter step and wearing big smiles on their faces.  It’s that magical time of year when everything starts to bloom and the hellish winter we all suffered through seems like a distant past.  I love Spring because it signifies a rebirth and I totally feel like that’s the case in my life right now.  I’m ready to put the past behind me, close that chapter and start a new one.  Even if you’re not going through something, Spring should be a fresh start for you as well.  Have you ever wanted to learn something, face your fears, do something out of your comfort zone, or traveled to a foreign country?  If there’s one important lesson I’ve learned over the years is that you never know what tomorrow will bring, you can’t wait for things to happen.  So ask yourself, what are you waiting for?  Spring is your time!  These were the things I was lovin’ this week.  Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

5things2 {Dragon fruit}

5things3 {Succulents with hot pink rocks | Photo via Jen Lauren Grant}

5things4 {Awesome quote | Quote from Simply Designing}

5things5 {Cocktails with flowers | Photo from Pinterest}