5 Things Laura Loves

5 Things Laura Loves

5things1 {Spanish theme date night}

It’s Sunday night and I’m reflecting on the past week.  It was the big power ball lottery of $600 million dollars and everyone seemed to be talking about what they would do with the millions.  I bought a ticket with the small glimmer of hope that I might win knowing very well that I would have better luck getting struck by lightening.  The usual things came up like paying off loans, buying a house, giving to family and friends, going on an extended vacation, quitting jobs…why does it take a lottery to realize how you would live?  You guessed it, I didn’t win but I feel so lucky.  Really, people don’t believe that I’m truly grateful for all the people and experiences I have in my life.  Sure, it would’ve been amazing to win millions but I realized I already won the jackpot.  These are the things I’ve been loving this week.

5things2{Still thinking about Austin…trying on boots at Allen’s Boots}

5things3  {My boyfriend in a suit}

5things4 {Not winning the lottery but realizing you already won the jackpot}

5things5 {Empire State of Mind}