5 Things Laura Loves

5 Things Laura Loves

5things1{How can I not smile when there’s a heart in my coffee?}

When life gets stressful, I go back to the simple things in life.  A coffee with a heart in it, the beauty of magnolia trees in Central Park, eating clean and healthy, and a great conversation with a girlfriend.  It doesn’t take much for me to de-stress.  I feel like this week, everyone has been on edge with the events in Boston.  We are all questioning life and humanity.  What I did see is people coming together and being there for each other.  Everyday, there was love and support sent to Boston.  It’s unfortunate that it takes events like this to bring us all together.  I’m a person who takes things like this very very personally.  I internalize things to the point where I can’t sleep because I’m worrying about things.  Ultimately, it makes me appreciate life and it forces me to remember that life is short.  The only plan for this weekend is sleep.  Have a great weekend!

5things2{The beauty of the Guggenheim}

5things3{Floating magnolias in Central Park}

5things4{My new healthy cookbooks}

5things5{Looking at photos and remembering my trip to Vietnam circa 2005}