5 Things Laura Loves

5 Things Laura Loves

snowincentralpark{Snow in Central Park}

I love New Years.  It’s the perfect time for a clean slate and a fresh start.  I always felt like New Year’s Eve was such a hype.  I would always try to get all of our friends together only to get disappointed in the end when things didn’t work out.  I did the whole dressing-up-nyc-pay-too-much-money-at-the-club thing too.  This year, I decided to keep things simple and stay home.  Friends could come if they wanted but weren’t obligated to.  I have to say, it was my favorite New Years so far.  My boyfriend and I had my best friend and her boyfriend over for dinner early.  When they left, we took a 1 hour nap and joined our friends down the hall.  We celebrated casually in our jeans, ate a home cooked meal and watched the fireworks from our balcony at midnight.  We also didn’t have to deal with the hassel of trying to get home through Times Square.  The next day, my mom and I made dumplings for dduk gook, which is a soup we Koreans eat every New Year’s day for good luck.  Now that the holidays are officially over, it’s time to get back to work and to make this year count!  I’m excited to discover new places, meet new people and make new memories.  These are the things I’m lovin’ this week.  Happy weekend!

5things2 {My mom and I making dumplings on New Year’s Day}

5things3{The perfect Korean snack, keem-bap}

5things4 {Christmas gift to myself a double bar necklace from Bauble Bar}5things5{Favorite weekend activity, drinking my morning coffee and catching up on magazines}