5 Things Laura Loves

5 Things Laura Loves

{Christmas night with our favorite friend Gerry}

This week, I spent Christmas in Slovakia with my boyfriend and his family, which is my 3rd Christmas there.  I know, it’s really random, Slovakia of all places but that’s where he’s from and where he grew up until he was a teen.  His whole family and many of his friends live there so whenever I go, I’m welcomed with so much love that it feels a lot like my home.  A lot of the Slovak Christmas traditions have now become my own.  Christmas Eve is the day you celebrate Christmas with your family and it’s all about the food (I can relate to this).  Lunch is a traditional gnocchi type dish called halušky which is topped with local sheep’s cheese bryndza and sprinkled with fried bacon bits.  How can you go wrong with cheese and fried bacon bits?  Dinner is fried fish which is usually carp.  I feel so fortunate to celebrate Christmas with my boyfriend’s family and my own family.  I get the best of both worlds.  The best part of the whole trip was that we had a white Christmas which usually only happens in the movies.  I returned to New York earlier to see some of my childhood friends who are home for the holidays.  We haven’t all been together since my best friend’s wedding this summer.  I’m so excited to hug them and to laugh with them.  These are the things I’ve been lovin’ this week.  Happy Friday, the last one before the New Year!  XO        

 {Fancy water all the time via Soda Stream a Christmas gift}

 {Obsessed with Mozart Balls from Vienna}

 {Christmas Eve-Like our coordinating outfits?}

 {Back in New York and planning for 2013}