5 Things Laura Loves

5 Things Laura Loves

{Oysters from J’s Oysters in Portland, ME}

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I embarked on an adventure we like to call the motorcycle diaries.  We rode through the back roads of New England for 10 hours to our first stop, Portland, ME.  By the 8th hour, I couldn’t feel my legs and I was hungry…I was definitely over this trip.  All I kept thinking about was that once we got to Portland, we would have oysters and lobster for dinner.  I’ve been coming to Maine for the last 5 years and every time, it gets better.  For some reason, when I am in Maine I feel more relaxed and my New York City pace of life starts to dissipate.  After a night of delicious seafood and a good night’s rest, we are off to Rockland, ME for the lobster festival.  You have no idea how excited I am.  Because riding on a Harley is dependent on weather, we have loosely planned the rest of our trip with no hotel reservations.  We’ve decided to do this trip spontaneously; this idea scares me.  My boyfriend keeps reminding me that it’s about the journey and not the destination.  I will give you a full report next week about where we decided to go.  Until then, these are the things I’m lovin’ this week.  Happy weekend! xo

{I loved this photo gallery in the bathroom at Red Rooster Harlem}

{People’s pops on the Highline}

 {Fluke crudo from Casa Mono}

 {I loved this placemat at J’s Oyster on how to eat a lobster}