5 Things Laura Loves

5 Things Laura Loves

{Eating a whole pie at Numero 28 in West Village}

This week was filled with two of my favorite F’s, Family and Food.  It began with a family dinner at Han Joo, an incredible Korean BBQ restaurant in Flushing, Queens that specializes in pork belly and naeng-myun (Korean cold noodles).  You grill the meat on a salted crystal grill that gives the meat an amazing flavor.  On Wednesday, I spent the day with my cousins who were visiting from out of town.  I love taking guests around nyc because they are literally speechless when they see things like Times Square, Grand Central, and Central Park.  That’s the magic of traveling, you experience things that you’ve only read about or seen in movies.  These are the things that I’m lovin’ this week.  Have a great weekend! xo

 {Grilling duck on the crystal grill at Han Joo}

 {Fabric swatches for an upcoming project}

 {Packing colorful maxi dresses for the weekend at the beach}

 {Art deco at its best at the Chrysler Building}