5 Things Laura Loves

5 Things Laura Loves

 {Tres leches & double chocolate donuts from Donut Plant}

April showers bring May flowers…arg!  Because of the weather this past week, a couple of my outdoor plans were derailed but I saw it as a good opportunity to discover new eats in the city.  For some reason, it was donut week.  I had amazing donuts from Flex Mussels (read here) and Donut Plant.  Last night, I had a few girlfriends over for a 50 Shades of Grey party.  There has been so much buzz around this book that we all agreed we needed a party.  I’m still giggling over the conversations that took place last night.  I’m really looking forward to a weekend with more discoveries.

 {Beignet mix a reminder of my recent trip to New Orleans}

 {Holly Golightly sleeping mask from Fredflare}

 {Potato chips & panko chocolates-Amazing!}

 {Silver & Grey tie cookies for my 50 Shades of Grey book party}