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Tim Burton & X2O

I’ve been itching to see Tim Burton’s exhibit at the MoMA since November. I finally got to see it this past weekend. One word, AMAZING. Tim Burton is truely an artist. The exhibit showcases his drawings, sculptures, paintings, and films. I just admire his creativeness. His work is very original. You just look at his work and you wonder, what was this guy on? My favorite pieces were his drawings in pencil. I really get his off-beaten humor. The exhibit runs till April 26th and the crowds are not thinning.

For my mom’s birthday we took her to X2O across the river to Yonkers. Yonkers is such a mystery to me. It’s a 20 minute train ride from Manhattan, it’s on the water and yet it’s so ghetto. Whoever is in charge seems to be making strides to beautifying the town but nobody seems to be around. I hope X2O attracts more people to this sad town because it has so much potential. Anyways…the executive chef at X2O, Peter X Kelly, is pretty much the suburban king of the culinary world. He has 3 restuarants in Rockland, one of which is my all time favorite-Restaurant X. Peter Kelly was also featured on Iron Chef and beat out Bobby Flay. His food is a fusion of Italian, Spanish, Asian but all Hudson Valley. I was eager to try his new restaurant which was also featured on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. Did anybody see that one?? He dined with Bill Murray, who is also a resident of Rockland?

X2O is a lot bigger than his Rockland restaurants and it sits right on the water. The building is beautiful. There are high ceilings with architectural lighting. When you walk into the main dining room, you can’t help but be breathtaken by the views of the Hudson River. The view to the left is the city and the view to the right is the Tappan Zee Bridge. My family and I went for Sunday brunch which is $38 for all you can drink champagne (HOLLAAAAA!!), 3 courses, bread/muffin, and they passed around 4 appetizers which included: coconut shrimp, wild mushroom ravioli, crispy tempura roll, and roasted rack of lamb. If you are nice to the waitor, he will give you a second helping. The waitstaff was SUPER nice. They were cracking jokes with us and giving us extra when we asked and we asked a lot. I ordered the Yonkers shellfish chowder. It was smoky, creamy and delicious. My cousin ordered the seared diver scallop with creamy polenta and tomato oil which I sort of hated him for because it was heart-stoppingly good. For dessert, I ordered the warm chocolate cake (clearly) with pistachio ice cream-yum. I pretty much sampled everyone’s food and everything I tasted was really good. I want to go back for dinner and get the Hudson Valley duck!

Weekends like this make me appreciate living in NY