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The Spotted Pig

{I love all the piggies in the restaurant}

{The yummiest burger}

I’m always on a quest to find the best burger in NY. For years I’ve heard about the burger at the Spotted Pig. The Spotted Pig is a quaint gastro pub in the West Village. You’ll find pig knick knacks in every little nook and cranny. So cute! We waited an hour and half for a table because any good cheeseburger is worth the wait. As a snack, we had the sheep’s ricotta gnudi with brown butter sage. um…can we say holy butter and cheese! After 2 and a half hours since we walked into the joint, I tasted my first bite of the beautiful cheeseburger. The delicious patty was served on a brioche bun with Roquefort cheese. It is so juicy, the juice runs down your hands and arms. I couldn’t even talk because it was so good. It was the perfect marriage of juicy meat, creamy cheese, and toasted bun. I didn’t want the experience to end. Half way through our meal, they played Biggie Smalls. My kind of place. What’s not to like? It’s a bar with delicious cheeseburgers and they play hip hop. Amazing.

Burger photo by Serious Eats mine was too blurry