Tea Time

Everyday at 3 pm, I have a cup of tea and a snack which is a habit I picked up while I was in Paris.  Sometimes, I break out my special green tea that I got from Mariage Freres in Paris.  If you’re ever in Paris you MUST visit Mariage Freres which is a quaint tea salon.  They have a huge selection of teas and sweat treats.  I wish New York had more tea salons.  I made mini AB & J sandwiches which are made with almond butter instead of peanut.  For the bread, I used the cut out hearts that were left over from the eggs in the nest I made on Sunday (read here).  This was the perfect break from a hectic week…we moved today!

{Loose green tea from Mariage Freres}

{Has an amazing floral and almond flavor}

{Isn’t the packaging pretty?}