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Spice Up Your Life

I discovered La Boite a Epice last summer while my friends and I were walking to dinner on 11th Avenue.  It was 10 PM, which was well passed closing time but Lior was inside and I wanted to check out his store/gallery.  He spoke so passionately about his spices that I had to try them.  I bought N.8 Smoked Salt which I use all the time on steaks and N.22 Cataluna which is basically Spain in a jar.  In the culinary world, he’s known as the spice artist and I can see why.  I’m amazed at how he creates these spice mixtures.  His spices are used in some of the best restaurants in New York like Le Bernardin.  His store is also an art gallery which features a new artist every 6 months.  Some of the artist’s signature works are translated into biscuits.  I love going to Lior’s store and talking to him about restaurants and seeing beautiful art.

{I was standing there for 15 minutes trying to decide what to get}

 {Lior Lev Sercarz and Miss Buttercup}

 {Jody Morlock’s “Human Animal”}

 {I bought N.7 & N.41 during this trip}