Food, NYC


This past weekend was simply gorgeous.  It seemed like everyone was out and about enjoying the weather.  On Friday, I mentioned that I wanted to be spontaneous this weekend and for the first time, I had nothing planned.  On Saturday, we decided to go to  Smorgasburg in Williamsburg to go on a food crawl and revel in the beautiful weather.  It looked like every other Brooklynite had the same idea.  There were longer lines here than Shake Shack.  If you don’t know, Smorgasburg is part of the Brooklyn Flea and has over 100 food related vendors.  It’s a great spot right on the river with prime views of the Manhattan skyline.

I made the mistake of not taking a lap around the whole place and planning out what I was going to eat.  I was starving and the first stands I saw were the Red Hook Lobster Pound and Asia Dog and I inhaled both in a matter of seconds.  Then, I downed a pork belly bun and donut holes from Dough.  When we started walking to see what other stands there were, I realized how full I was.  What an epic disappointment I was.  I would’ve loved to have tried the grilled cheese at Milk Truck and We Rub You‘s Korean BBQ.  I stared longingly at the other stands knowing that if I went there I would go over the edge.  None-the-less, it was a perfect day with great food!

{Crispy and buttery bread mmm…Red Hook Lobster Pound Lobster Roll}

{I am so happy right now}

{Wangding-Pork belly dog from Asia Dog}

 {Pork belly bun from Bite Size Kitchen}

 {Asian condiments for the pork buns}

 {Donut holes from Dough}

 {View of Manhattan}